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Corporate credit rating

Credit rating is a useful indicator not only for investors, but also for organizations that intend to attract investment. Our company is a very reliable and stable partner. Discover the financial and operational performance, as well as credit ratings and forecasts.

Moody's Service
High Quality Commitment
Standard & Poor's
Commitments above average quality
Fitch Ratings
Commitments below average quality

Key performance indicators

Rating investment grade may advantageously present a security company or a country in the global market, attracting foreign investments and accelerating the development of the national economy.

Profits and Losses Report20112012201320142015201620172018
Revenue, bln. $ 4,3564,472 4,2114,3684,5774,893 5,1055,435
Changing, %  2.66% -5.84%3.73%4.78%6.90%4.33%6.46%
Gross profit, bln. $ 1,5731,1251,3781,1941,0191,4121,4911,567
Profitability, %  -28.48%22.49%-13.35%-14.66%38.57%5.59%5.10%
EBITDA, bln. $2,453 3,8222,0403,6672,9853,7563,6893,954
Profitability, % 55.81%-46.62%79.75%-18.60%25.83%-1.78%7.18%
EBIT, bln. $ 1,5722,9231,7843,1482,2352,5112,4872,677
Profitability, % 85.94%  -38.97%76.46%-29.00%12.35% -0.96%7.64%
Net profit, bln. $ 1,3411,9871,4532,4571,7451,9241,8741,941
 Profitability, %  48.17%-26.87%69.10%-28.98%10.26%-2.60%3.53%

Revenue and Net profit

Structure of balance

Structure of assets

Liquid assets and liabilities

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